Vegetable planting balcony pot spent four seasons strawberry fruits seeds 100pcs

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Product Type : Bonsai

Classification: Happy Farm

Style: Perennial

Type: Landscape Plant

Full-bloom Period : Summer

Function: Beautifying

Flowerpot: Excluded

Applicable Constellation : Cancer

Variety: Strawberry

Use: Outdoor Plants

Size: Mini

Climate: Subtropics

Model Number : AAA

Location: Courtyard

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Brand Name : Skunk


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Introduction to flower
Strawberry variety, has more than 2000 varieties, the fruit is bright red colourful, soft and juicy, sweet and sour pleasant, aromatic fragrance. Strawberry nutrient-rich, rich in a variety of active ingredients per hundred grams of fresh meat contain vitamin C60 mg, higher than an Apple, grape content. Pulp contains large amounts of sugar, protein, pectin, organic acids and other nutrients. In addition, the strawberry is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, c, PP, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, chromium, and other essential minerals and trace elements. Strawberry is an essential fiber, iron, potassium, vitamin c and an important source of flavonoids and other ingredients.
Growing points
Strawberry seed germination time will be longer, or 15 days or so, a month longer, strawberry germination temperature is 20~25du. Greek friends don't get Strawberry seeds sown compared with vegetable seeds. During this time, keep the soil surface moist, breathable. Sow the seed on good soil which destroys tooth seeds sown for a long time, so try to choose a good seed in soil and soil, such as nutrition, soil, soil cultivation, if not very good soil for growing media, seeds easily during the pregermination period has been inactive. Seeds do not need soil, because Strawberry seeds are very small, covering seed not easy bud.

Sowing time:
Strawberry season seed sprouting temperature 20~25du

Planting steps:
The first step: the seeds into the kamaboko dipped in warm water first, and, stirring constantly, until the water temperature down to about 25 degrees stop.
The second step: continued soaking 2-3 hours later, remove and rub with your hands, up to the seed coat clean and shiny. Then rinse with clean water and cover with several layers of wet gauze.
Step three: put 25~30° under the conditions of germination. Three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) with warm water and soak gauze to keep the seeds moist environment. White 40% ~50% seeds can be sown after.
Fourth step: 3-4 months immediately after transplanting seedling growth, spacing control in 20~30 cm. Transplanting time at the end of July to mid-August.
Growth habit
Germination temperatureGermination timeGrowth temperatureSpacingLightSowing to flowering
10-25 cMore than 8-20 days15-35 c10*15 cmHalf shade, sunnyAbout 90 days
Forms and applications
ColourPlant heightUse
Multicolor20-30 cmFlower bed, flower, food, fruit, plant
Seed quality
PurityClarityGermination rateWater contentSeeds of life
¡Ý 95%¡Ý 98%¡Ý 80%¡Ü 8%Two years
Matters needing attention
1. Please keep the seeds in a cool, dry place.
2. because of weather conditions or damage caused by inappropriate cultivation techniques, without seeds other than the price of economic responsibility.
3. the seed surface soil thickness is 1-2 times the diameter of the seed.