Three Magicians Grandma Gray Hair Wax 120g Does Not Hair Hurt Silver Gray One-Time Hair Dye Fifty Degrees Grey Hair Color

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Item Type : Hair Color

Ingredient: Beeswax , Brazilian palm oil , hay extracts

NET WT : 120 g

Model Number : S 228 A

Quantity: 1

manufacturing: china

ingredient: Beeswax , Brazilian palm oil , hay extracts

Main effect : Dye their hair

Shelf life : 3 years

Quality of a material : Hair dye

mode of dispatch : PEWS Malaysia

Applicable people : general

type: Hair Perms & Exteriors

color: multi - select

multi-select: Japanese style



Grandma Gray Hair Wax 120g Does Not Hair Hurt Silver Gray Hair Mud One-Time Hair Dye S228A Fifty Degrees Grey Hair Color



At the market, given the recent poor grandma ash here to introduce to you a little knowledge about grandma ash, not can make hair white is called grandma grey, a bottle of authentic grandma ash must possess the following basic


First: must be easy to color, easy to shape.Modelling of available ram.

Second: time lasting, not easy to rub off.


easy to wash, do not need to shampoo, water can wash.It is important that the raw material of water-soluble, does not contain heavy metals.

Product specification: 120 ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Products characteristics:

silver gray wax grandma does not hurt the hair quality is easy to rinse, natural shape not stiff, one-time dyeing, not greasy, natural matte, tastes pure and fresh and natural, make hair gently clean easily, strong resistance to ultraviolet omentum, strong durable modelling.
Product ingredients: water, wax, palm wax in Brazil, cetyl stearyl alcohol extract, licorice extract, tea, etc

Method of use:

After washing hair, put on the hair 80% dry, wipe this amount of goods, and the larger the amount, the deeper the gray! Other colors to use is the same!

Warm tip:

if the eyes, please rinse immediately with water, put it out of reach of children