New Powder Glitter Glow in the Dark 6 Color Nail Art Ultrafine Fluorescent Effect Nail Design Pigment 3D Glow Dust Decorations

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Item Type : Nail Glitter

Quantity: 6 PCS

Material: Fluorescence Colors

NET WT : 1 G

Model Number : MG 028

Brand Name : Bling Bling

Item Type : Acrylic Powder & Liquid

Item Name : Nail Glitter Powder

Application: Nail Art

Feature: Glitter Shinning Tips

Very thin and easy to use.
Be suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic, etc.
Making your nails sparkling and adding shiny colors to your nails!
Be suitable for home use or professional use.
Material: Plastic
Pattern: Finest 
Colors: 6Colors Fluorescence 
Weight: 1g
Due to the angle and light, the colors may be slightly different from the picture, thank you for your kindly understanding.
Package Contents:  
6 Box Nail Art Glitter Powder 
1.The more powder or higher the percentage used, the brighter and longer the glow will last.
2.Add Medium to powder, not powder to medium. That way you can stop when desired glow effect is reached.
3.Use a white, or light color as a background for best results. Any color other than white will diminish glow.
4.If painting a black surface with powders, brilliance will be much less.
5.Use the clearest vehicle possible. Any color in the vehicle will decrease the brightness and length of glow.
6.The thicker (to a point) the layer of Glow Powder will produce longer and brighter luminosity.
7.Try to prevent moisture in the manufacturing process. A yellowing of resin may indicate moisture.
8.Do not use vehicle with high acidity.
9.Do not grind the Glow Powder, it will destroy the crystal structure and therefore decrease luminosity.
10.Ratio of Glow Powder to medium is from 5% to 40% by weight depending on application and manufacture process.
11.Work with a black light on so you can see your work as you create it.
12.To minimize settling, use a viscous vehicle or anti-settling agents. Stir well prior to application, process small batches at a time.
13.Apply a final clear overcoat to protect the material from humidity and to improve gross.
14.Stronitum based pigments should only be mixed into oil/solvent bases. If your project requires a water based medium, then you need to purchase one of our pigments that are treated for water protection.
A glass or plastic spatula should be used when stirring the powder and printing ink. A metal implement may react with powder.

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