Liesl Tri-color Rare Petunia Annual Flower Seeds, Professional Pack, 100 Seeds / Pack, Blooms and Fine Frosting

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Product Type : Bonsai

Size: Small

Classification: Happy Farm

Model Number : 001

Applicable Constellation : Virgo

Style: Annual

Flowerpot: Excluded

Full-bloom Period : Spring

Use: Outdoor Plants

Function: Air Purification

Climate: Tropics

Location: Courtyard

Variety: Flower

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Type: Blooming Plants

Brand Name : Skunk

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Petunias prefer warm and sunny environments. Intolerance of frost, fear of rain. It grows suitable temperature for 13 ~ 18 °, winter temperature in 4 ~ 10 °, such as less than 4 °, plant growth stops. Summer ability above 35 ° high temperature. Summer growth period, the need for adequate water, especially in the summer heat season, should be in the early and late watering, keep basin soil moist. But the rainy season, the rain, the Petunia growth is very unfavorable, basin soil is too wet, stems and leaves easily leggy, flowering rain, flowers fade or decay. Potato soil if the long-term water, the rotten death, so potted petunia should be loose and fertile and well-drained sandy loam.
Is a long sunshine plants, the growing season requires sunny, in normal light conditions, from sowing to flowering about 100 days. In winter, when the petunia is cultivated in low-temperature and short-day conditions, the stems and leaves grow very lush, but the flowers are difficult. When the spring enters the long sunshine, the flower buds are separated from the top of the stem and leaf.

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