Hot 5ml Mini Portable Travel Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle Scent Pump Case Empty perfume bottle airless pump

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Item Type : Refillable Bottles

Model Number : PPS -03

Size: 5 ML

Item Type : Refillable Bottles

Color: Black , bright pink , gold , bright gold , blue , purple , silver , pink , red

Style: Travel Refillable Perfume Atomizer

Size: 5 ML

Features: Bottom filling

There are 14 Colors In the picture , but this bottle we we only sell this 11 Colors in this store , When you choose the color please be care.other colors will be ok later , and some new color also did not in the picture ,  if want please message us  !! 

Use tips:

1. Before the first use, the first air pressure a few times, row of the air inside the bottle. This is to reduce the air pressure inside the bottle, to avoid the problem of filling or leakage. One of the principles of physics: when the internal and external pressure is 0, it will not leak.

2. pro in the perfume before the first look at the bottom of the small plug of punching whether there is blocking, silicone plug is installed on the smooth. Because it is manually assembled, so it is inevitable that the plug is not in place. You can use the needle to pick down the small plug, or punching good, or re-install the flat, or a small plug in the hot water bubble, the principle of physics two: thermal expansion and contraction. This will be able to solve the situation of small leakage.

3. This bottle is the export of foreign trade products, manufacturers will do experiments, small shop I will be shipped after each test. Objectively said that only one thousandth of the leakage rate, generally buy a few say that we must deal with a serious deal and trust. Buy a few say a few leak we must not believe

Trouble in use before watching this note, do not fill when filling is too full