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Product Type : Bonsai

Use: Outdoor Plants

Brand Name : Me sprout

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Classification: Happy Farm

Full-bloom Period : Summer

Type: Blooming Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Courtyard

Function: Beautifying

Size: Small , Medium

Applicable Constellation : Cancer

Variety: Flower

Climate: Temperate

Style: Perennial



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Free Shipping 100 Seeds China Rare Flower Bee Orchid Flower Seed Smile Face Interesting Flowers Seed


Flowers out repeatedly make male wild bees "fooled." Bees Lancashire flowers, shaped like female bees, has a head, winged, abdominal not say, and had had many short-haired, just the real thing. Even more incredible is that it can actually emit a smell of females ready to mate, to confuse the drone. These are the bee orchid good camouflage skills. Say "fooled" by the male bees. It is an annual climb out from hibernation in the spring timing of the soil warm; in this case, females are still among sleep. Females usually two weeks after the drone was unearthed unearthed. Miao Miao, grab the female bee bee orchid unearthed two weeks before flowering, females drilled loopholes. Drone an unearthed orchid bees to smell the odor exudes charm. It can not wait to follow the odor to find, and she saw the "females" are there waiting for it a mile, so they rushed to desperate. Invisible, drones to help pass the pink orchids.

First, the light and airy:
Earth people know that plants need sunlight and air, orchids are no exception. But orchids need only sunlight before 9:00 and after 16:00, (different grasp adjustments may be appropriate in accordance with the East and West regions) of the sun at this time softer, not so strong, in the actual planting, there are enough astigmatism on it. So first in his home looking for a near window ventilation and lighting are better places, so that not only solves the light also solved the ventilation, is conducive to the growth of sprouts in the future.
Second, orchid pots of purchase:
In his family raised a good orchid pots, the first to be solved is to choose an adaptation special orchids and beautiful orchid pots, florist generally have sales. There are plastics, ceramics, purple sand and other pots, but belong to the purple sand pots best, the best selection basin edge special orchid pots with small holes, small Kongyou Li in Langen breathable, this basin is designed for breeding orchid and design, it typically has medium and small three pots, orchid pots planted with such a dedicated Portland postemergence on the interior is also very nice.
To meet the following three conditions: First, breathable, second, water retention, third, nutrition.








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