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Product Type : Bonsai

Size: Small

Classification: Happy Farm

Climate: Temperate

Applicable Constellation : Virgo

Style: Annual

Flowerpot: Excluded

Full-bloom Period : Spring

Use: Outdoor Plants

Function: Air Purification

Location: Courtyard

Variety: Flower

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Type: Blooming Plants

Brand Name : Skunk



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The use of seed propagation: growth period of 2 years.
Platycodon grandiflorum flowers
Platycodon grandiflorum flowers
Production generally used live. Platycodon seeds small, 1000 grain weight 1.5g, germination rate of 85% , at a temperature of 18 ~ 25 °, humidity sufficient circumstances, sowing 10 to 15 days after emergence.
According to the sowing time can be divided into winter and spring wave:
Winter broadcast in November ~ the following year in January, spring in March to April. Winter is better, generally used to broadcast. Seeding the seeds with a mixture of fine sandy soil (the ratio of 1 basin of soil mixed with 0.3kg seeds) sprinkled on the Qimian, with a broom sweep again, to not see the seeds for the degree (that is, the soil casing thickness of about 2.5 to 3 mm) , A little pressure. The following spring, early emergence of Qi. Spring seeding, to make seedlings neat, must be seed treatment, or sowing Hougan moisturizing (treatment: the seeds placed in 30 ° hot water immersion, soak 8 hours remove with a damp cloth, on the 25 ~ 30 ° Place, covered with wet Ma tablets, for germination, a day with warm water filter once about 5 days, the seeds germination can be planted). Sowing methods with the winter sowing, long-term soil moisture, usually about 15 days emergence. Mu species with the amount of 2.5kg.