Durable 30pcs Mixed Felting Needles DIY Handmade Wool Pin Felt Tools Kits Embroidery Craft Knitting Accessories 90mm 85mm 75mm

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Type: Tool Sets

Use: Embroidery

Material: metal

The longest is the thick needles, in the middle is medium needles, the shortest is fine needles.
Poke needles is a consumable item, use a long time, there will be wear and tear, it is recommended to buy more spare.

Usage: After fixed the wool use poke needles poking vertically downward, to avoid the occurrence of broken needles.

Poke needles conservation:
needles poke is iron material, if not used for a long time, the best to smear some oil , such as conservation oil, edible oil can.

Note: before use wipe the needles, because in order to protect needles rusting, above have a little oils, so when the first use you best wipe up!

Material: iron
Dimension: 3.5 inch /3.4 inch /3 inch(90mm , 85mm , 75mm)
Quantity: 30pcs

Package include:
30pcs Felting Needles