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Item Type : Ear Care

Model Number : Hearing Aid Aid Behind The Ear Sound Amplifier

Size: piece

Material: ABS

is_customized: Yes

New Best Digital Tone Hearing Aids Aid Behind The Ear Sound Amplifier Adjustable#LY069

Convenient wear
Low noise, low distortion;
For people with severe hearing loss;
Product use hearing assistive devices.
The scope of application of gas conduction hearing disorders.
Taboos otitis media or ear suppuration who are disabled.
Maximum sound output: 130 +_ 5dB    
Sound gain: more than 50dB    
Total harmonic distortion: less than 5%  
Frequency range: 300Hz ~ 40000Hz    
Input Noise: less than 30 dB    
Operating voltage: 1.5V    
Battery model LR44
Current: less than 4mA
Weight: 74g
The wire plug connected to the headset.Then earplug connector (hard) to the headset, earbuds (silica gel) to connect to the headphone connector pedestal  
The battery installation: Gently open the battery compartment cover, put a AG13/LR44 battery into the battery compartment in the right direction, then close the battery compartment .
Before you use this item , you have to turn the O-N switch to O(off), and turn the sound volume to minimum
Then put this item on you ear, keep it tightly
Next, turn this item on(O-N to N), adjust the volume until you hear clear sound