Big Ant Nylon Recovery Tow Strap Rope 11023-17636 LB Capacity Emergency Heavy Duty Towing Ropes(2.95" x 19.68')

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Quick Overview

Item Type : Towing Ropes

Brand Name : Big Ant

Material Type : Nylon

Item Length : 6 m

Model Name : HEW 22221

Item Weight : 0.8 kg

tow hook : car tow hook

car tow rope : tow

tow strap : rope

Car Make : 5-8 Ton truck


Big Ant Nylon Recovery tow Strap rope11023-17636 Lb Capacity Emergency Heavy Duty Towing Ropes(2.95" x 19.68')


Durable nylon material, 19.68 feet long and 2.95 inches wide 11023 and 17636-lb towing capacities.Smoother performance than cheaper polyester straps, recovery and towing strap for small cars and small trucks especially for Jeeps.
Reinforced Double Looped Ends - Extra padding at looped ends to protect your rig and provide extra strength at connection points.
Versatile - 19.68' strap will always provide enough length, whether its used for towing or vehicle recovery.
A must item for drivers when they get stuck in the mud, sand or snow and other bad situation.
Compact & Convenient-UV/Weather resistant, can be quickly to fold way after use, easy to store and quick to dry.


Product Description

The Big Ant Tow Strap features a double loop design for reliable towing. It's weather-resistant, and constructed from super durable material for a long life.

Product Capacity Rating

Rated Capacity - Also known as "assembly capacity" or "break strength." This is the maximum load a complete assembly can withstand before failure in a laboratory pull test when the product is new.

Working Load Limit - The maximum weight of a load a tie-down should be subject to during normal use. To assist in making the proper tie-down for the job, Big Ant, the Web Sling Association and the  D.O.T. required the working load limit to be 1/3 of the rated capacity.

Operating Instructions

1. Attach only to a vehicle frame or hitch strong enough for extreme towing stress by forming a loop around the frame by passing one end loop through the other. Or attach to tractor hitch pin or frame mounted tow hook.

Be careful of sharp edges. Cover strap with a rag if necessary.

2. Drive slowly away from stuck vehicle until strap stops stretching. The strap will recoil and free the stuck vehicle. Use extreme caution and stand clear.

3. To reduce potential whipping, lay blanket or coat over the strap after vehicle attachment. Remember, if the strap is overloaded or improperly fastened, it could snap loose like a rubber band and cause injury.

4. At stop or when slowing down, keep tension on the strap to avoid abrasion from the road surface.

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