Bicycle Ultraight High Density Foam Silicone Sponge Handlebar Grip for Mountain bike XC/AM Anti-skid shock-absorbing Super Soft

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Brand Name : MOTHS

Length (cm): 12.6 cm

Width(cm): 2.2 cm

Material: Silica gel / foam silicone sponge

Item Description:  Silica gel/foam silicone sponge
Weight: about 32g
Apply: Mountain Bike,  Fixed-Gear,  Folding Bikes, Etc
Features: Non-slip,  Shock Absorption,  Soft Feel,  Strong Sense of Support
Silicon grip that offers excellent wet or dry grip, greater comfort, requires no bar adhesion, and looks good!
Use method and matters needing attention.
This do set of wall with antiskid and catch hair design, install, the handlebar on water surface, the set of wall with water, also can be installed. If this method is not good to use detergent water is used in the set of the lining and the surface of the handle bar can be installed in. One of the best approach is to gas blow it up. This method can be used after installation. Don't have to wait.
Note; After the installation in May skid kill, this is because the water there is should put one to two days after water out can lock. Have questions, please feel free to contact customer service.
If use detergent to install in cycling in the rain to note, will slip.