Aneercare Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Cup FDA Soft Diva Cup Coppetta Mestruale Coupe Menstruelle Feminine Hygiene Product

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Item Type : Feminine Hygiene

Quantity: 1 piece

Material: Germany Imported Medical Silicone

Model Number : Bass rose -01

Brand Name : Arcane

Product Life Time : 10 Years

packaging: Cup + Cloth Bag+Specification+Box

Item Name : Wholesale Reusable Menstrual Cup Medical Silicone

Catergory 1: Feminine Hygiene Product

Description: Menstrual Cup

Color: Pink / Clear

Certificate: GS , FDA

Size: S / L

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Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Cup FDA Soft Diva Cup Coppetta Mestruale Coupe Menstruelle Feminine Hygiene Product

Menstrual Cup  Characteristics and Uses:

1.Germany imported Medical silica gel ,  0 side effects,  use 12 hours long,  

2.Not sliding sideways,  no smell,  

3.No foreign body sensation, recyclable reuse 10 years,  

4. Pass the CE, FDA, ROHS Test

5.packing: Cup + Cloth Bag+Specification+Box

6.Menstrual Cup : Germany imported Medical silica gel


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Menstrual Cup Color : Pink/Clear





Length of Stem

Max Volume

Up to the Rim














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Menstrual Cup Introduction:

Menstrual cup is a into the vagina period to use products, made from latex, medical silica gel or thermoplastic, soft and elastic.its
There is a short shank shape for the bell, below.Bell part of the card in the vagina collect by the flow of blood in the womb, short shank part can let the menstrual cup in the vagina
In the balance, also makes it easy to take out the menstrual cup.

Menstrual cup using method:

Please wash your hands before the first need for menstrual cup boiling water disinfection before placement.Hold to pile in the middle on both sides at the top, with your fingers will be squeezed into a cup body
Strips, gently in the form of slightly slanted down deep into the vagina, then loosen your finger, menstrual cup will fully expanded adsorption on the opening of the cervix.

Cleaning and disinfection:

In menses, please wash with warm water and soap menstrual cup, or in case of travel without water, can use wet towel clean first, after waiting for conditional again
Wash and set aside.With boiling water or disinfectant disinfection after menstruation.
Boiling water: container filled with water to a boil 2-5 minutes.
Disinfection: soak with disinfectant.