5g powder glitter nail phosphor special laser for women Nail Art

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NET WT : 5 G

Model Number : RD -22 B

Material: Other

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Item Type : Nail Glitter





[Simple operating procedures]

One kind of operation: ordinary nail polish after coating, when dry will not be lightly sprinkle glitter to the nail surface, and then coated with a transparent light oil can;
Two modes of operation: laser powder gradient: You can use your own nails, or with fake sheet. Brush layer on the nail base oil, then select a crystal pen, dip a little nail polish is dry until another on when the pen is pressed to make another on top of the nail to get even falls on the nail, do not brush, brush on unnatural ~~ nail head place to another on multiple sprinkle point, so that the gradient of the ~
Three operations: Acrylic: Acrylic before laying the final layer of powder, the small cotton swab dampened with glitter glue, gently pressed to acrylics, and then holes and a layer of transparent crystal powder can be! (Phototherapy armor is the same practice) Recommendation: If you need a little bit better grinding effect.