5.5" Screen Auto Car HUD OBD2 Port Head Up Display KM/h MPH Overspeed Warning Windshield Projector Alarm System + Bracket

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Item Type : Alarm Systems & Security

External Testing Certification : KC

Model Name : ASH -4 C Car HUD

Item Weight : 350 g

Brand Name : Escondido

Item Width : 85 mm

Item Length : 147 mm

Special Features : OBADIAH Port HUD Head Up Display

Voltage: 12 V

Material Type : Plastic , Electronic Components

Item Height : 14 mm

Product Name : head up display ( HUD )

Other Name : Car OBADIAH HUD

Display type : Digital

Screen Size : 5.5 inch

Working voltage : DC 9-16 V

Product Principle : Projector on Windshield

Color: Whole White , Yellow - blue , Yellow - White

Special Properties 1: Car HUD head display projector

Special Properties : Digital car speedometer

Data measurements : Vehicle speed , fuel consumption , fuel pressure , live


ASH-4C Car HUD 5.5" Screen Auto OBDII Car HUD OBD2 Port Head Up Display KM/h MPH Overspeed Warning Windshield Projector Alarm System Free Bractket



Head Up Display is designed for preventing accident, which can project important information
(e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver.
Besides, the display location and brightness can be adjusted through automatic induction, which
can prevent the driver from looking down at the instrument panel and shorten the time of eyes
for the blind spot in front.
This can avoid breaking rules and regulations due to speeding in many speed-limited sections.
What is more important, it can enable the driver to read the number instantly without shifting
horizon, which is of vital value in reducing traffic accidents caused by absent-mind due to looking down.
If you find out that HUD displays only voltage for 30 seconds and then turn off automatically,
this is because the interface isn’t OBD II or EOBD. So we suggest checking twice whether your
interface is OBD2/EOBD or not before purchase. For old cars, you should set your start voltage
at 12.8V, for your battery is too old to provide 13.2V voltage. The speed this HUD displays is 5km
faster than actual speed by factory default. You can fine tune or adjust it to your personal preference.


Our multifunctional HUD product is developed based on OBDII interface and has good cost-performance ratio.
It is designed by adopting the latest integrated circuit with stable performance and has a beautiful and elegant
appearance. The installation and adjustment examination can be finished within 3 minutes by using an easier
and safer method.
Notes:  suzuki car can not be compatiabled, thanks
1. Automatically adapt to the automobile models with OBD II (Bus Automatic Diagnostic System) interface.
Check if it has the automobile diagnostic socket under the steering wheel.
2. Identify the car\\'s 16-pin diagnostic socket, connecting the OBD II cable to the 16-pin diagnostic socket
if it has this socket.
3. Put the non-slip pad onto the instrument pane, then put HUD on the non-slip pad, you can adjust the angle
an position.
4. The reflective film may be affixed to the forward position of HUD and stick to the front windshield, ensuring
that the information, such as car speed can be projected to the reflective film.

Main Features:

1. Plug and play, HUD can auto adapt to vehicle type which in line with OBDII or EUOBD
(On-Board Diagnostic System).
2. Comprehensive display, HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows, vehicle speed,
engine speed, water temperature, voltage, throttle valve position, ignition advance angle, time of 100 kilometers
acceleration, fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, engine failure.
3. Diversiform display mode, driver can choose normal display mode, high-speed display mode and
automatic display mode.
4. Free switch, kilometers and miles can be switched freely.
5. Suitable size, the display area is 5.5 inches which is very clear for driver to read data.
6. Automatic power on and off, starting with the vehicle starting, stopping with the vehicle stopping to
protect the vehicle\\'s battery.
7. Flexible alarm mode, HUD can offer single-stage and four-stage overspeed alarm modes to choose,
making drive much safer.
8. Engine speed alarm, it contributes to shift gear in time to save fuel.
9. Flexible brightness adjustment, the brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually to reach the
best state which is in harmony with the environment.

This HUD only compatible with universal OBD II and EOBD interface, but incompatible with OBD I or JOBD.

Actually, OBD II and EOBD first applied to European and North American manufactured automobiles

after 2003, and for Asian manufactured cars, they have even appeared later, since 2007. Besides, some cars,

like Hummer and Savana, have special interface, may not compatible with this product, and we suggest Q7.
Compatible: suzuki car can not be compatibled, thanks
 For OBDII Interface Connector of Euro,   Asian, America car After 03 , Made in China after 07


The Cars implemented OBDII interface in some countries of the Years as below for reference:
For OBDII Interface Connector of Euro,    Asian, America car After 2003 ,   Made in China after 2007

Producing Country

Producing Time

Producing Company

The US


Buick, Dodge, Ford, GM, Cadillac, Chrysler

The UK


Jaguar, Rolls-Royce.Landrover, Rover, Vauxhall



Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Mercedes-Benz



Alfo Romeo, Ferrari , FIAT, LANCIA, Maserati



SAAB. Volvo






Renault S.A, PEUGEOT, Citroen






Honda FUNTEC, Daihatsu, Toyota, Lexus, SUZUKI, Acura, NISSAN, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Infiniti

South Korea








 Made in China after 2007


Suzuki car can not be compatibled, Attention, please.
1. it's not compatible with European / American cars manufactured before 2001 or Asian cars manufactured
before 2007. Please notice it.
2. it's not compatitable with any Jeep or SUV.
For the Same Brand Produced in different countries maybe with OBDI or OBDII, Buyer can contact your
Car shop to  confirm the port must with OBDII before ordering. Thanks


1 x  Car HUD Head Up Display
1 x Transfer Cable(1.9M)
1 x Reflective Film
1 x Anti-slip Mat
1 x User Manual
1 x Bracket