2x 60 70 80 85 90 95mm COB Angel Eye LED Motorcycle Car Light Halo Rings Auto Headlight Fog Car LED Lighting DRL

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Quick Overview

Item Type : Day Light

Material Type : COB

Model Name : Angel eye

Brand Name : MASTERS

External Testing Certification : CE

Special Features : External Lights

Item Weight : 100 g

Item Diameter : 80 inch

Size: 40/50/60/70/75/80/85/90/95/100/110/120/130/140 mm

External/Interior: External Lights

For Car Lamp : Daytime Running Lights


 80mm COB Angel Eye LED Chip Car Light Super Brightness Waterproof Auto Headlight Car LED Lighting 2 COB light+2 Lampshades


  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting
  • Unique vivid color
  • Fast response time
  • LED bulbs are not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs
  • High-quality and durable
  • the product is waterproof .
  • highlighted by the COB LED, integrated and strong, can not see the light points,  compared with the traditional uniform brightness SMD LED lamp beads, light is more intense.
  • 12V constant, interference, high brightness is more than 2 times the same CCFL angel eyes.
  • strong stability, no back light board resistance design greatly reduces the chances of bad.
Package including
2 COB light+2 Lampshades
This angel eyes is used for fog light, can't be installed near headlight, because  the temperture of headlight is hot, easily burn the angel eyes, pls pay attention.
What is COB?
COB (Chips on Board) is a new technology of LED packaging of LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one light module. When it lights up, it looks like a lighting panel.
How COB LED light source works?
In COB lighting, single LED chips are placed directly on a circuit board (or substrate) which has thermal properties to disperse heat. Heat dissipation is a very important aspect of LED lighting since it can have a major impact on the life expectancy of the luminary. Therefore, COB lighting can have a higher LED chip density and achieve higher light level while maintaining or improving life expectancy.
Advantage of COB:
COB lights are a more efficient form of LED lighting for general or automotive lighting applications because:
- light has a more uniform appearance
- better life expectancy
- achieve higher light level over a large area
- COB is more stable and reliable than standard LED package
40mm, 50mm, 130mm, 140mm without  Lampshades!!
***We recommend professional installation.