2PCS Woman Hair Sponge Accessories Bun Maker Hair Styling Tools Hair Braiding Tools Magic Twist Foam French Braider FS2008

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Item Type : Raider

Material: sponge

Size: 22.5 cm x 4.5 cm (approx)

Model Number : SF 2008

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2PCS Woman Hair Accessories Bun Hair Styling Tools Sponge Hair Braiding Tools Magic Twist Foam French Braider FS2008


Material: Sponge with a flexible Aluminum wire inside
Easy to use
With it you can make lovely Meatball head or other style of hair
Size: Large One: 22.5cm x 4.5cm (approx)
         Small One: 17cm x 4.0cm(approx)
Color: Black
How to use it ?
step1-If you hair consist different layer of length, we recommend you secure your ponytail with a rubber band otherwise ignore this step
step2-Pull hair through the existing gap of sweetheart curler and press the intervals for further grasp
step3-Lift both ends of sweetheart curler upwards until the end of hair
step4-Hold both ends of sweetheart curler and roll downwards spontaneously
step5-Adjust to your appropriate tightness as desired and bend both ends into a circular shape
step6-Gently toggle hair backward to cover the exposed sweetheart curler
step7-When sweetheart curler is finally concealed. A lovely bun is easily completed in secondss
How to Use