2017 Professional Mini Police Digital LCD Screen Breath Alkohol Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer AT6000 Bafometro Alcoholimetro hot

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Quick Overview

Brand Name : callback

Model Number : TC 9700

Type: Alcohol Tester

color: black

breathing-type alcohol tester AT6000 portable alcohol testing 

Technique feature:

Item: AT6000

Sensor type: nano semi-conduct alcohol sensor

Working power: DC4.5V( 3 x AAA battery)

Undervoltage display: Vcc<3.30 +-0.10V displaying undervoltage; Vcc<3.00V+-0.10V undervoltage power off.

Working current: <=120mA

Using enviroment: temperature: -10°C--50°C,  relative humidity: <=95% ,  without frosting

Testing respond time: <5s

Reheating time: <20s

Testing range: (0.00-1.00)mg/L(0.00-020% BAC; 0.00-2.00mg/L)

Alarming density: 0.24mg/L(0.05% BAC; 0.50g/L)

Accuracy degree: +-10%  F.S

Alarming ways: blue backlight 3 bit LCD data compare photo displaying

Weight: <=64g(without battery)

Outer size: 102*65*27mm

Color: black


Blood alcohol centent(BAC) exhaling 

Driking driving: 20mg/100ml,  0.0909mg/L

Drunk driving:80mg/100ml 0.3636mg/L



AT6000 exhale air alcohol  content tester is professional device testing alcohol of human exhaling air alcohol,  the

 sensor is HANWEI electronic advanced namo semi-conduct alcohol sensors,  it's good sensitivity and excellent repeating function; testing program is controlled by 

artificial intelligence design micro-computer controlling,  working process is reasonable,  simple and portable,  full functions,  it's many kinds of 

applicable capabilities;backlight LCD digital character photo displaying,  clear and straight; small and portable

 design is convenient to use.When tested exhaling air alcohol content is over preset value,  the device will sound

 alrming signal,  reminding your safety. 

Package Content:
1 x Alcohol Tester
5 x Mouthpieces