16pcs/lot Men's Face shaving Razor Blades Beard Shaver Blade Men High Quality Sharp Razor Blades For Mache 3

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Item Type : Razor Blade

Size: 16 cps / lot

Model Number : DZ -3 C 4 K

Material: Stainless Steel

Quantity: 1/ lot

Brand Name : FLUXING


1. The 3 layers blades, can reduce skin irritation, more thoroughly every root beard cut off.
2. A new soft protection induction fin, smooth gently over your skin, make the shaving process easy and smooth.
3. The enhanced display lubrication, even shave shaving for many times, never experienced comfortable enjoy. After shaving, wash with water and dry .


1, Razor head must regular replacement. First, because it will become blunt. second, in the bathroom humid environment, the blade will breed bacteria.

2, After bathing shaving easier. because water vapor helps to soften beard root.

3, Do not dry scrape. Razor blades are very sharp, easy to scratch the skin dry scrape, it can also cause skin irritation. If there is no shaving foam. you can clean and heat face 10 minutes to soften the beard root, and then with a number of soap bubbles, which would also be able to smoothly shave.


A: Shave when the attention must maintain a direction perpendicular to blades. Otherwise it is very easy to scratch the skin.

B: If your beard is long and thick, trimmed short first, then shave.