10pieces/lot cheap Insulated in-customized reusable dry cold ice pack gel cooler bag for lunch box food cans wine medical

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Quick Overview

Brand Name : JANGLE

Material: Neoprene

Use: Food

Model Number : Ice packs

Type: Thermal

How to Use:

Step 1:Open the water inlet, and add water according to the water-line on bag(=<400ML)
Step 2:To discharged air within the ice pack, seal the water inlet.
Step 3:After a few minutes, the material in the ice pack and water react into a jelly-like Gel mixture.
Step 4:Put the prepared ice pack into the Refrigerator freezer for 8-10hours.Then it's into a ice cube.
Step 5:The cooling effect lasts 10-24 hours.
Step 6:Just inject water one time, and it can be used repeatedly.When it's thawed completely, it will be restored jelly-like mixture.
Re-use it by freezing it. Repeat use for more than 1000 times. The shelf life is 3 years for new ice pack, and 1-2 years for used ice pack.
1.Don't put it together with hot items.
2.Avoid squeezing or touch sharp objects.
3.Ii's not edible.
4.Throw damaged ice pack, and put far away from kids.