100pcs/bag rainbow tomato seeds, rare tomato seeds, bonsai organic vegetable & fruit seeds, potted plant for home &garden

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Product Type : Bonsai

Size: Small , Medium

Climate: Temperate

Style: Perennial

Applicable Constellation : Virgo

Type: Landscape Plant

Full-bloom Period : Summer

Flowerpot: Excluded

Classification: Mini Garden

Use: Outdoor Plants

Function: Interest

Model Number : seeds

Location: Courtyard

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Variety: tomato

Product Type : Bonsai



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Planting instructions:

 put seeds into the warm water, Heated soaking, after 4-6 hours, remove the seeds, the seeds germinate easily after soaking. The seeds into the soil (Note: need loose soil, breathable, good water holding capacity), each container can generally be 5 to 8 on demand. Depending on growth conditions after germination the seedlings remain relatively strong strain; after germination thinning, as appropriate, leaving 1 to 3 seedlings. After sowing, cover with plastic wrap to the top container (plastic film may also be convenient bags), fresh stab a few holes in the membrane permeability. The container in the sun, keep the temperature around 20 degrees. Most seeds can germinate after a week. After the seedlings after germination and other robust transplanted into the ground

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