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Product Type : Bonsai

Size: Small

Applicable Constellation : Taurus

Classification: Happy Farm

Use: Indoor Plants

Style: Annual

Function: Beautifying

Flowerpot: Excluded

Full-bloom Period : Spring

Climate: Tropics

Location: Courtyard

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Type: Blooming Plants

Brand Name : Skunk

Variety: Albania Flower

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The growth and development of orange fruit trees are closely related to temperature, sunshine, moisture (humidity), soil, wind, altitude, topography and aspect. These conditions affect the maximum temperature. Even if the temperature difference of 0.5 ° C sometimes appears very different results. Orange fruit growth and development requires 12.5 ~ 37 ° temperature. The diurnal temperature of autumn flower bud differentiation is about 20 ° and about 10 °, and the soil temperature of root growth is about the same as that of shoot. Too low temperature will make the oranges fruit cold, sweet orange -4 °, Wenzhou Satsuma -5 ° will make the branches and leaves frozen, sweet orange -5 ° the following, Satsuma - 6 ° below will frostbite big branches and branches, sweet orange -6.5 ° below, Satsuma -9 ° below the plant will freeze to death.
Slightly shade-tolerant, hi warm and humid climate, not cold, the temperature below -8 °, the occurrence of frost damage, suitable for deep fertile neutral to slightly acidic sandy loam.
High temperature is not conducive to the growth and development of citrus, temperature, soil temperature above 37 °, the fruit and root to stop growing. The effect of temperature on fruit quality is also obvious: in a certain temperature range, usually with the temperature increased sugar content, soluble solids increased, acid content decreased, quality becomes better.
Citrus is a strong resistance to negative species, but still need good quality and high yield of sunshine. The general annual sunshine hours 1200 ~ 2200 hours of normal growth areas. Such as sunshine, heat-rich South China and less sunshine Chongqing citrus producing areas compared to: high sugar content of fruit, low acid content, sugar and acid ratio.
Tropical and subtropical regions with annual rainfall of about 1000 mm are suitable for citrus cultivation, but are often irrigated due to uneven distribution of annual rainfall. Soil relative water content of 60% to 80% is appropriate, less than 60% will need irrigation, excessive rainfall, resulting in soil water or high groundwater level, poor drainage of citrus orchards, will die. Citrus fruit trees require air relative humidity of about 75% is appropriate.
Citrus soil to adapt to a wide range of purple soil, red yellow soil, sand and tideland, ph value of 4.5 to 8 can grow to ph value of 5.5 to 6.5 as the most appropriate. Citrus root growth requires a high oxygen content, soil texture is loose, well structured, organic matter content of 2% to 3% , the best drainage of soil is appropriate.

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